How Imran Fazlani crafts passion into luxury fragrances

Sweet scent of success

Imran Fazlani, managing director and founder of Afnan Perfumes LLC and holder of the UAE Gold Card, shares how he crafts passion into luxury fragrances

Khaleej Times - 26 Nov 2019
THE ESSENCE OF EVERYTHING: Imran Fazlani is the founder of Afnan Perfumes LLC

The UAE is a strong market for luxury brands and tourism, with a notable spending population that serve as major drivers behind the sectors. While shoppers in the UAE are big spenders, they come with high expectations, and earning their loyalty can be a challenge.

In the world of fragrance, Imran Fazlani, managing director and founder of Afnan Perfumes LLC, is keen to lead, as he crafts passion into a sustainable trade. Afnan Perfumes LLC, a manufacturing company with local retail presence, houses and exports its creations across the globe through authorised distributors.

“To appeal to this luxury mindset, at Afnan Perfumes, we drive our focus towards our quality and craftsmanship that define our products as the quintessence of luxury; to satisfy customers, and create more loyal consumers. Customers want to receive excellent service and feel personally valued by your brand. This gives enough ground in the market to develop strategies, improve foothold, and widen reach for long-term impact,” Fazlani said.

Since its inception in 2007, Afnan Perfumes LLC has perfected its product portfolio as a luxury perfume house, and its fragrances are now present in over 30 countries across the GCC region, Europe, Australia, Far East, Africa and Russia and growing.

According to him, the UAE possesses a market that is very centralised and infrastructural developed in a way that helps Afnan Perfumes’ suppliers and customers meet and explore business opportunities.

“We carefully consider the unique demographic trends offered by the UAE market and adapt our strategy to target and engage with specific consumer groups. We have a retail presence in major malls, with plans to open more outlets in the region at prime locations,” he added.

The Gold Card

Operating in the UAE since 1980, Fazlani is a passionate creator, and his lasting efforts recently earned him the UAE Gold Card.

“I consider it a great privilege to be chosen for the golden visa in the UAE, as we have always considered the UAE our home. It is very thoughtful and timely initiative by the UAE government, which creates acknowledgement for our contributions, especially for those who have spent most of their lives in this country. It definitely gives us a sense of belonging to increase our investments. It’s also an honour and privilege for my family and I, especially my children who were born, raised and spent most of their lives in the UAE. We are happy to consider this peaceful oasis their first home,” he said.

Fazlani added that the UAE government’s decision to implement this visionary reform has definitely boosted investors’ confidence and boost them to invest more, thus contributing to the UAE’s resilience.

There is no shortcut to the secret of success, said Fazlani, besides hard work, which he believes should be invested back into the country to build a stronger and diversified economy.

“With 2020 approaching, the UAE is now the centre of global focus. Looking at the opportunities, activities and options available, we plan to increase our retail footprint. We recently set up a presence in Mall of the Emirates, and more investments in the retail real estate are set to follow. The UAE, as we know it, is always reaching new milestones and making its presence

felt in the world. Tourism is booming and Dubai is fast becoming a preferred trading hub. Thanks to its ease of doing things, there is security in country and a lot of permutations and combinations for investments,” he added.

Future goals

Afnan Perfumes LLC is poised for growth with expansion plans aligned with its goal to be globally available through its channel of distributors. Fazlani added that he plans to create representatives in new territories.

“When Afnan Perfumes came into existence, I had a clear vision for the brand to be recognised as a luxury perfume house that creates and crafts opulent perfume products, and remembered for its epitome of luxury in every aspect of its existence,” he concluded.

I am very passionate about my work, ambitious and driven by my passion to create. I respect values, seek joy rather than pleasure, and respect all. I make sure that I am better today than what I was yesterday” Imran Fazlani,

Managing director and founder of Afnan Perfumes