Exclusivity crafted by Afnan

Exclusivity crafted by Afnan

Communication is the most important aspect of a company-client relationship, says Founder Imran Fazlani

Since its inception in 2007, Afnan Perfumes LLC has perfected its product portfolio as a perfume house, and its fragrances are now present in over 30 countries across the GCC region, Europe, Australia, Far East, Africa and Russia and growing.

According to Imran Fazlani, Founder and Managing Director of Afnan Perfumes LLC, the UAE possesses a market that is very central and developed in a way that helps Afnan Perfumes' suppliers and customers meet and explore business opportunities.
Being the nose of the business, Fazlani has created a trade that can challenge the market by building unique, detailed, crafted fragrances that inspire experiences through product quality and design.

Building his product portfolio with an intention to share a connection to different life experiences, Fazlani also helps develop the curiosity and desire of consumers looking for an exotic feel of mixed ethnics in the UAE.

Succeeding in his goal to build a unique perfume house, Fazlani, with his 18 years of expertise, has established a one-of-a-kind scent organisation through organic growth, driven by life knowledge and independent motivation. These elements have inspired every collection, all produced with conviction and direction.

Tackling the Covid-19 storm
The company has focused on its strength on new alliances and customer relationships during these times.
"During this transformation time, we continued growing our brand by following the same steps that have built our core business foundation independently, whether we are online or offline - customer reach. We are still progressing with products that provide experience to our customers, thus increasing our brand engagement, both online and offline.

"Our brand success has come from our belief in building strong relationships with customers as well as distributors through physical and digital store experiences. We can execute that promise indifferent of the space our products are offered," Fazlani added.

Referring to the online and digital approach, Fazlani pointed out that the Afnan Perfumes' staff ensures to keep the connection with its online community through participation in various e-commerce platforms in order to provide access to its products at all times.

"Our online presence reflects the same brand experience as the offline one through care and personal connection, which we usually provide through an in-store experience. We now see an increase in the footfall in our digital platforms such as social media channels. Especially in the retail industry, virtual stores are the go-to solution for current challenges such as face-to-face sales, engagement and brand awareness between our brand and our customers."

Social media interactions play a huge role in company-customer relationship and this has been tapped well by Afnan Perfumes. Talking about that space, Fazlani points out that the organisation has a very active community on its social media platforms such as the Facebook and Instagram.
"We share positive and encouraging content daily that our followers like to interact with. From time to time, we offer giveaways that always make our community super happy. Positivity is much needed now more than ever, especially when people are spending more time online than they used to."

As businesses start to pick up, Fazlani revealed that the company is working on new and exciting projects. "Our community is always impatiently waiting for new products, and this continuing support encourages me and Afnan Perfumes team to move forward with full speed."

Fazlani also holds the UAE Golden Visa, an acknowledgement of his efforts in the UAE.
Praising the UAE government's efforts in tackling the pandemic, he said that the government has taken a very good proactive approach to contain the pandemic by setting forth measures and procedures to create awareness and ensure minimum loss of lives.
"I applaud the UAE government for handling the situation in a very planned and phased manner."