Afnan Perfumes Hosts Exclusive Showcase in Miami, Unveiling Luxurious Collections and New Launches


Miami, FL - January 19, 2024 - Afnan Perfumes, the esteemed international fragrance brand with a rich heritage in perfumery, recently hosted a captivating event in Miami, bringing together influencers, reviewers, and perfume connoisseurs.


The exclusive showcase took place at the prestigious Soho Beach House, creating an intimate ambiance for key members selected to experience Afnan Perfumes' first Miami brand activation in the USA market.


The event served as a platform to introduce Afnan Perfumes' exclusive collections and unveil new launches, including the highly anticipated Supremacy Gala and Supremacy Tapes Rouge from the luxury Supremacy collection. The brand also introduced the newly launched Portrait Collection, showcasing the diversity and innovation synonymous with Afnan Perfumes.


Imran Fazlani, Founder, Managing Director, and Nose of Afnan Perfumes, expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response in the USA market and the Americas. "We are thrilled and honored by the enthusiastic reception Afnan Perfumes has received, and this event is just the beginning of our brand presence in the market. We are committed to building a loyal community of perfume lovers who choose our exquisite fragrances," said Fazlani.


Attendees were treated to a firsthand experience of Afnan Perfumes' commitment to excellence in packaging design, formula, and scents. The event provided a unique opportunity for fragrance enthusiasts to explore the variety available in the market, immersing themselves in the exclusive world of Afnan Perfumes.


The USA holds a special place in the heart of Afnan Perfumes, with the event serving as a testament to the brand's dedicated following and the unwavering support from its global community. The occasion marks a significant milestone in Afnan Perfumes' brand journey.


Afnan Perfumes, founded in 2007, has established itself as a premier perfumery brand in the UAE, garnering international recognition and admiration. The enchanting brunch held on January 19th marked a resounding success as the brand introduced its exclusive portfolio and showcased the opulent Supremacy Luxury collection to an esteemed audience.


Afnan Perfumes is now available for purchase in the USA at, providing fragrance enthusiasts with convenient access to the brand's exquisite and varied offerings.


About Afnan Perfumes: Afnan Perfumes, founded in 2007, is an international fragrance brand known for its premier perfumes and exclusive bottle designs. With a focus on excellence and a passion for the art of perfumery, Afnan Perfumes has gained widespread recognition globally.


Led by Imran Fazlani, the locally-made and internationally-sold brand built its product portfolio to share a connection to different life experiences and develop the curiosity and desire of consumers looking for an exotic feel of mixed ethnicities.


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