Afnan Perfumes highlights brand success in 2020

With a focus on the positivity, Afnan Perfumes looks forward to growing as a brand, team and community. This year, the brand is looking to re-connect with its values, notably people — customers, distributors and team members — who have been its driving force.

During Covid-19, Afnan Perfumes fiercely worked towards a “no-firing” policy as a key task and succeeded

The brand refreshed its image this year by modernising its visual language and the stage of its business, market and consumers.

“Times are changing, our audience is fast evolving and so are we. Our new brand look is like a breath of fresh air — light, pleasant and refreshing. A lot of attention has been placed on our social media account (@afnanperfumes). Being active, creative and engaging is very important to us as this is what our customers are looking for when they choose Afnan Perfumes,” said a spokesperson.

This includes high-end content, various competitions and giveaways that help connect with the audience, including distributors, to amplify product awareness to an international market, grow with feedback and insights provided by its global community, challenge its next creative communication ways, and much more.

This year, Afnan Perfumes also launched its corporate campaign that showcases the product portfolio that it has crafted over the years. For the first time, the brand developed a campaign that brought to attention all its years of growth and multiple fragrances that have been successfully launched and empowered in an international market.

“It allows us to reflect on how much we have achieved and how very thankful we are that we have so many people around us that believes in us and our products. A big and necessary stage was to bring our brand up to date in the digital retail work through our own e-commerce platform. Becoming more digital is definitely our core achievement and goal, more than ever,” he added.

Customers in the UAE were introduced to its e-commerce store for shopping at ease, and the brand hopes to launch a portal in Oman soon. Besides its bestseller, Supremacy Silver, being nominated for the Cult Classic of the Year title by Beauty World Middle East, Afnan Perfumes celebrated the relaunch of its long-loved portfolio, the Highness Collection.