Afnan Perfumes relaunches its Highness collection

Khaleej Times - 15 Aug 2020

Dubai — Afnan Perfumes, a brand built from the passion and the sensory expertise of its owner Imran Fazlani, proudly relaunched Highness, an exclusive perfume collection. Following its international success, Afnan perfumes decided to re-introduce the fragrance into the Middle East bringing the sense of royalty into the market.

The collection was crafted in 2014. Inspired by a youthful energy and undeniable feel of aristocracy, it quickly became one of the most sought after amongst the young modern generation.

Highness Collection contains four different perfumes for women and men — Her Highness Red and Black, and His Highness White and Green. Each perfume is unique with its own story and distinctive scent. From light floral notes, to deep masculine musk scents, the scent is well-crafted with an attractive design packaging that provides an elegant and censored experience.

Led by Fazlani, the locallymade and internationally-sold brand built its product portfolio with the intention of sharing a connection to different life experiences, as well as developing the curiosity and desire of consumers looking for an exotic feel of mixed ethnics.