Afnan Perfumes Marks a Momentous Fragrant Morning at the UK Launch Event, Unveiling Highness Collection

London, 28TH July 2023

Afnan Perfumes, the esteemed international fragrance brand with a rich heritage in perfumery, hosted an enchanting morning at the highly anticipated launch event in the UK. The event, held on the 27th of July at the exclusive Pavilion Club, was met with resounding success as the brand introduced its exclusive portfolio and showcased the opulent Highness collection to an esteemed audience.

Since its inception in 2007, Afnan Perfumes has been dedicated to crafting premier perfumes in the UAE, exuding a commitment to excellence that has garnered the brand's international recognition and admiration. With a remarkable growth over the years, the brand has fostered an organic global presence, expanding into markets that were once beyond imagination. The UK launch event served as the perfect platform for Afnan Perfumes to exhibit its exclusive fragrance portfolio to the perfume connoisseurs. 

The UK region, in particular holds a special place in the brand's heart, with an enthusiastic and celebrated following. Commencing the international roadshow in the UK was a testament to the unwavering support Afnan Perfumes has received from its global community.

"We are thrilled and honoured by the overwhelming response received by Afnan Perfumes at the UK launch event," said Imran Fazlani, Founder, Managing Director and Nose, Afnan Perfumes. 

"The event marks a significant milestone in our brand journey, and we are deeply grateful for the tremendous support from our local and global community. The UK market has embraced us with open arms, and we are delighted to present our luxurious Highness collection to our esteemed audience. We look forward to celebrating many more unforgettable moments with our UK community."

The event's highlight was the grand introduction of the Highness collection, Afnan Perfumes' most luxurious range of fragrances to date. Representing one of the brand's cherished niche creations f, Highness promises to elevate Afnan Perfumes to new heights in the luxury fragrance market. The guests had the exclusive privilege of being the first to experience the Highness collection's rich and opulent range of scents. Each attendee was delighted to receive a special gift from this extraordinary collection as a gesture of appreciation for their presence and support.

Afnan Perfumes is available for purchase in the UK at DXB Perfumes, in both online and in-store retails, making it easier than ever for fragrance enthusiasts to experience the brand's exquisite and varied offerings.