The Renaissance of Floral

It's the renaissance of intensely floral heart notes!

2023 is resurfacing the spring season freshness no matter the time of the year. 

Flower power is the expected trend in perfumes this year, bringing up your feminine aura and making you feel romantic. So, this will be your time for those who enjoy making a statement with a bold fragrance. 

Following this trend, we positioned Afnan's Bouquet Collection as your 2023 must-have. The collection offers two unique perfumes: La Fleur Bouquet and Violet Bouquet, that will spark your most authentic self this year.  

La Fleur Bouquet combines peony, jasmine, and bergamot notes with orange blossom; just perfect to unveil your romantic spirit. On the other hand, Violet Bouquet could be the right one for you if you are more into caramel scents.

This is definitely the year to be bold!